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Zebrafish-General Information
Zebrafish in Education
WT and Mutant Zebrafish
Raising and Maintaining Zebrafish
Concepts in Genetics
Zebrafish Genetics
Zebrafish-Specific Topics

Zebrafish-General Information
The Zebrafish Model Organism Database (ZFIN-the website of the international zebrafish community)

Slides-Introduction to zebrafish

Website-Zebrafish FAQs

National Institutes of Health (NIH) zebrafish site

Video-Why Zebrafish?

Zebrafish in Education
Website-Zebrafish for K-12 (first zebrafish in education site-more than just for K-12)

Website-Project Bioeyes (zebrafish experiments for outreach to elementary school classrooms)

Website-Biowebconferences (interviews with leaders in the field of developmental biology)

Website-Insciedout (modules developed by Steve Ekker's laboratory and Rochester, MN public schools)

Journal-Special "Zebrafish in Education" issue of the journal Zebrafish (2009)

Journal-2nd Special "Zebrafish in Education" issue of the journal Zebrafish (2012)

WT and Mutant Zebrafish
Aquatica Biotech-source of ZDR strain of WT fish that used to be sold by Scientific Hatcheries

Image-Zebrafish stages (one cell stage to 48 hours post fertilization)

Image-Comparison of adult female and male wild type zebrafish

Website-Hopkins lab insertional mutagenesis screen-a good place to learn about identifying mutants.

Image-Eye phenotypes in Nodal signaling mutants (cyclops, one-eyed pinhead, and schmalspur)

Video-Annotated Zebrafish Development Time-lapse (16 cell through late somite stages)

Video-Zebrafish Embryo Development (good for early somite stages)

Figure- Zebrafish Vasculature

Buying, Raising, and Maintaining Zebrafish
Aquatica Tropicals-source of ZDR strain of WT fish that used to be sold by Scientific Hatcheries

Website-Aquaneering (aquatic systems and supplies)

Website-Aquatic Habitats (aquatic systems and supplies)

Website-Zebrafish Husbandry Association

Website-NIH National Center for Research Resources Zebrafish Stock Center

Website-Danios and Devarios (zebrafish are Danios)

Website-Provides information on a good technique for keeping track of zebrafish stocks.

Video-How to Dechorionate a Zebrafish Embryo (this method only for > 1 day old fish)

Concepts in Genetics
Video-What are Genes? (Genetics 101 Series)

Video-What are SNPs? (Genetics 101 Series)

Video-Where do your genes come from? (Genetics 101 Series)

Video-What is Phenotype? (Genetics 101 Series)

Video-Meiosis (General Overview)

Video-Mitosis (General Overview)

Video-PCR (In-depth Explanation)

Zebrafish Genetics
Research Article-Synteny Between Zebrafish and Human Genomes: Genome Res. 2000 10: 1351-1358

Website-Master genome map including zebrafish chromosomal and mitochondrial DNA

NIH Zebrafish Gene Collection Project-place to find and purchase zebrafish cDNAs

Research Article-Retroviral Insertional Mutageneis: PNAS 2007 104:12428-33

Review Article-Insertional Mutagenesis Strategies in zebrafish: Genome Biol. 2007; 8(Suppl 1): S9

Zebrafish-Specific Topics
Article-Zebrafish Evolution

Video-Zebrafish Research at Oregon State University

Video- Zebrafish and human eye diseases

Article-Zebrafish and growing new teeth

Website-Master genome map including of zebrafish chromosomal and mitochondrial DNA

Article-Zebrafish introduction

Research Article-Zebrafish natural history: Zebrafish. 2007 4:21-40.

Video-7 Things You Share With a Zebra Fish

Video-Zebrafish in Cancer Research: Current research at Indiana State University

Video- Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology zebrafish genetics

Website-Zebrafish Species fact sheet

Research Article-Role of Hox and Shh in limb development: Mol. Immun. 2009. 10:1185-1203.