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Common Laboratory Techniques

This section aims to help you learn and better understand simple skills for various zebrafish experiments. Throughout this section, there are various texts, pictures, and videos available to explain the details for each procedure.

Getting started:
            1. How to maintain a zebrafish laboratory
            2. How to feed zebrafish
            3. Raising babies
            4. Baby feeding experiment 
            5. The embryo swirl 
            6. How to mate zebrafish
            7. How to label tanks
            8. Gender identification guides
            9. Example fish facility designs
            10. Common fish diseases ppt 

Animal Protocols:
            1. Example Standard Operating Procedure
            2. Example IACUC Protocols         

Preparing for Microscopy:
            1. How to make embryo loops (for moving embryos around)
            2. Dechorionating embryos
            3. How to fix embryos
            4. How to use pipets
            5. How to make bridged coverslips
            6. How to mount zebrafish in:
                        a. Agar (live or fixed embryos)
                        b. Glycerol (fixed embryos)
                        c. Methylcellulose (live embryos)
                        d. Permount (fixed embryos)
            7. How to use anesthetics on zebrafish

 How to use microscopes:
            1. Compound (fluorescent) microscope
                         (Using light and lens for magnification)
            2. Confocal Microscope
                        (Using optical imaging technique to create 3d image)
            3. Stereomicroscope
                        (Similar to compound microscope, but the light is bent differently; thus,                                     used for dissection and more hands on experiments)

Molecular and other techniques:
            1. Antibody Staining
            2. Whole Mount RNA In-Situ Hybridization           
            3. Fin clips
            4. Genotyping GloFish movie